Wednesday, May 19, 2010

O-O The Gods Love me!!! ^__^ I loves them!!!

After yesterdays little rant where I became rather not-so-nice about everything because of apparently my computer had absolutely nothing on it, I decided to ask the Gods for help. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, I'm pagan amongst all the other things. It's pretty stupid to ask for such a trivial thing from the gods, to restore things onto ones computer. Nothing much is lost from pictures of the past aside from sentimental value really, you won't die if you don't have them after all, but my mother was still really sad about it. I felt sad seeing her sad, and sadder still all the work I actually put into all my stories and fan-fictions had gone to waste.
After pleading a bit last night, I'm almost never sure if they are listening unless I hear Lokis Laughter or I feel a sudden calmness, but it never hurts to try. This time I had that tickly feeling someone had heard and decided to sleep on it and see what would happen. Cleaning up my mess I went to bed and slept... Kinda.  As usual after I ask for something I spend a rather restless night of really really weird fitful dreams... I don't know why, I've no mentors to explain to me what's going on. Last nights dream was really odd, I won't speak of it because I just feel I probably should keep that to myself, all the contents I mean. I just know I woke up several times in the middle of the night and just sat up. I didn't realise I was talking until I actually woke up and listened to myself. It's kinda weird....  Not normal to keep talking after you've woken up from sleep talking and having almost no control over it.   ... okay so that's actually normal, I talk in my sleep sometimes and wake myself up doing it. I used to sleepwalk and wake up out in the barn for crying out loud, this is an improvement.
Anyways, back to the dream I can't tell you about. I have to find someone. I don't know who it is, but they were in the dream but I can't remember their face -___- what is it with important dreams and me not being able to remember the crucial information.... Apparently I'm theirs somehow? I'm not sure if I'm their student, sibling, servant, kid, or pet or something really weird and creepy (which I hope is not the case) but I'm apparently theirs, I belong to them in some sense and I have to find them.  I've got that feeling that I belong somewheres else and actually too someone somehow. It's disturbing but I've had that feeling ever since I woke up for good at 5am this morning and just couldn't sleep anymore.  I thought I'd just open up the laptop and see if anything happened. O-o here's the funny part. After opening it and hitting the power button, it made a really creepy mechanical sound that sounded like it was laughing ((CHHHRRRRLIIIICKKK-kKLICK-CCCRKLICK-KICK-KIC-KIIIUUURRRMMVERRMMM....MMMM..MMMM......)) and shut itself back off again. Me? upon hearing the noise I automatically squeak and run into my bathroom thinking it's going to blow up or something cause the last time I heard a computer make that loud of a noise it went boom cause Randy messed up and put the wrong equipment into it. I thought maybe I'd killed it again and was sobbing in my bathroom scared I'd screwed up and hadn't touched it till a little while ago.
^___^ Like I said, I love the gods!!  I opened it up and a bunch of codes come up with the blue screen real fast then they went away and windows opened up normally. Nothing seemed different. Then my computer made a zrrrrrrrrrrrrknnnnmmmnnnn..... noise, quiet-like almost a hum and hasn't made a noise since other than the normal dings from when my apparently new anti-virus system warns me when something is moving in my computer. O-o things are still moving in it.... it just dinged again...
But after a few moments the little window popped up and said a folder had been recovered. Then after a few moments another ding, and another file recovered. I selected the option so windows wouldn't keep telling me with the windows that things are recovering but left the sound option on. Then after hearing all the dings I turned off my sound.... -___- Bill yelled at me cause of the noise, thinking I was playing with something. I checked a little bit ago and the dings are almost gone... So I went and looked at my documents and was happy. All our Christmas pictures have been given back to me, the recent trip to West Virginia have been saved, several other pictures, my graduation announcements, my cap and gown pictures,  most of the videos we had on here are back. The only stories however were two of my originals. Demons and Nobles, and Lokis Apprentice, were both saved and put right out front where I can see them. I got the hint.... I need to continue with those and focus on them more than Fan-fictions.... I also wonder if maybe they have anything to do with my dream.... I got scolded in the beginning of it for not keeping in touch more regularly... So I still feel guilty about that, I used to be a regular rather than just once or twice a week... So I'm very happy about that so far!!  ^___^ Now I have to figure out who this is I'm supposed to go to... Apparently that's my payment plan or mission or something.... they've never asked anything of me before aside from that one little odd celibacy pact for two months which wasn't really hard to do considering I'm only a weird, overweight Otaku who's only 18 years old with no boy friend. Course it wasn't just guys I wasn't aloud to touch but I'm not getting into all that awkward business...  My Friends would know when I say the word "Green" and that's all I am going to say on that.
I really want to know more on what the dream was all about and what it means, really. Not just a vague suggestion on it, but really what it means.

But still!!! YAY my files are returning!!! I didn't care if every single thing was to return, just as long as the important ones come back...

Thank You!!!

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