Monday, May 31, 2010

It's been awhile!

Been awhile since I've updated... Been scrambling around, getting ready to graduate. I'm going to West Virginia for a few months before returning to go to college, I'm hoping I can find whoever it is that I feel is missing, or that I'm supposed to find...
Q___Q I suck at fan-fictions... I've never managed to finish but one out of the 3 dozen i've started... I've hit a road-block with my Kenpachi one, which is the one i've gotten the farthest along with aside from the Hellsing one I did about a year back, when I hit the road block I started a new fic... This one is a Juushiro Ukitake/OC fic and I'm actually excited about this one more than I was for my Kenpachi one... Since the Kenpachi was my first time writing a bleach fic, I now understand my own righting ((*snort* I was re-reading this before posting and realised i need to work on Spelling more than actual Writing....)) style with bleach and gotta groove with it so to speak... But I've made my new Character, Amaya, with a much more in-depth story than I did with Koneko's background... And I'm starting at a much earlier age with her... This is the first time I've done more than one chapter to explain the background in a flashback... and this is only the background thats present in the Seireitei, not even from her old district which is explained much later in an awkward bathouse scene with Nemu... O-o I haven't even written that part... it's on my plot though and my notes are funny looking cause I spilled tea on them.... I have written the sad/funny scene where she freaks out when Captain Kyoroku and the two 3rd seats from the 13th division scare her and she thinks that Captain Ukitake collapsed and was dying when it turned out he was just snoozing in the shade. When she's first introduced as the new vice captain and Ukitake, Kyoroku, and Nanao end up going to a local tea-house for dinner, they learn she's not as docile and shy as they thought when she tosses back sake like a pro. She learns in the same evening that her favorite food is mellon.  Of course in the very begining stages of the story it's funny when the people in the fourth division can't figgure out why the girl can't sleep, Isane complains to Yachiru and Yachiru tells Kenpachi who decided to go see for himself after learning the little girl was from the outer divisions. He ends up calling them all dumbasses and breaking the small nightlite telling them that was the problem in the first place, goes into a miniture thing about life in the outer districts. Turns out everything he said was true and the little Amaya slept soundly as long as there was no light at all. I also made Hanataro get stuck with her all the time since the 4th division is basically raising her in the begining even though she was adopted by Captain Yamamoto secretly in the very begining... (though the readers don't know that untill much later...) She also goes through a lot of special training that's not really mentioned much through the fic and her Reitsue is held back by a bracelet/metal band on her right wrist similar to kenpachi's eye-patch. Straight out of the academe Yamamoto assigns her as Captain Ukitake's Lieutenant after she turns down the offer to become the 3rd divisions Capain. 
-___-' the story plot has a large time skip in it from where she's a little girl to where she is a grown woman graduating from the academe - shortly after the Kenpachi and nightlite incident, the time leap is about 100 years or so... in the skip it's told later that after three months with the 4th division she dissapears, when she reapears it's when she joins the academe and later you learn she's been in hiding and training secretly by Captain Yamamoto himself. It's all mixed up, but it fits togeather, i just really suck at summaries...
I love the chapter where they're on vacation in the real world... XD Captain Ukitake and her already like eachother alot but nothing serious happens until the vacation and poor Kyoroku was the one to see it. ((not a full lemon, just a funny one with a certain girl being pinned to the couch with a normally gentle white haired captain all over her, man i loved writing that down...)) unfortunatly after that scene i haven't gotten much else down... though there is a lot i haven't written, i haven't gotten much further than the funny vacation... plus there's no real conflict yet aside from the weird Arrancar like Hollows, even though Aizen and his group have apparently taken a very long nap and haven't done anything in a few years, they don't think it's them that are doing it. The Arrancar are different than the ones Aizen uses, their a little dumber aside from a few smart ones that seem to be leaders of some sort, and I haven't even named the main bad-guy, but i do know he's gonna make Amaya Really Really Really mad, and dredge up something from her past that she'd been trying to keep from everyone because she's embarased by it, she'd been someones toy in the past and the bastard she'd killed didn't stay dead, rather he became a hollow and advanced on his own. i think that's what I wrote down... -___-

Anyhow, aside from that we've been getting ready fro mygrandparents go come visit and for me to go back to them. I've also happily bought more tea!! I've always loved drinking tea... this time I bought Herbal tea... that's ment to help me actually sleep lol. I've been having trouble sleeping again. *sigh* and when I have trouble sleeping at night I have trouble waking up in the morning so I also bought green tea with Caffine in it... It's helping a little, but then my temperature started going up again. -___-' why do I gotta be the girl with the weird internal system... The docs already know my average norm is around 99 degrees though it's often in the 98 range, only when my sleep patern messes up it goes up higher again... O-o what's weird is I'm not sick with anything. Just hot blooded... heck i've gone to school with a temp of 103 and was compleatly normal...  last night my temp was 100 even lol. It's a bother with the school though. They were nervouse when they learned I had a "Permanant Fever" kinda funny actually. Everytime i'm in the clinic They sanitize everything I touch even though they're not killing anything.
Gotta scram for now...
Kitsune out-!

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  1. Congrats on graduating! Hopefully you will start posting again once things have settled. I know that after my recent graduation things were a whirlwind for a while, and before I could really feel settled I am already working! 0_o

    Ja ne!


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