Friday, April 16, 2010

Fanfiction mania

Very few people actually know something about me, this something is the fact that I actually do write. A lot. I just don't show people what I write very often until now when I started this blog, though no one really is going to read it most likely. I write Fan-fiction, quiet a bit. Usually it's in notebooks where no one gets to see it. I have whole 5 subject notebooks dedicated to one story sometimes whether it be fan-fic or orriginal. Currently I have been working hard on a Bleach fanfic, it's a Romance of sorts of course. I am a girl after all haha! (not saying all girls write about is romance, cause we don't, it was a joke... and I'm ruining the joke now...crap...) But it's between my two characters, Konekoame and Kenpachi. What I find funny is I haven't even finished the first story and I've started on the Sequal which is some what centered around a girl named Reseda and Captain Ukitaki/e. (can't remember which it is now) or at least I think it is... I haven't really decided the pairing in that one, just that I know I'm writing a seaqual and definatly I know how it starts and how she joins. It's gonna start out with Koneko of course, after all, she is the start of it all in the first place. The first story takes place before the other Captains open betrayles, but somehow there are Arrancar... ( i kinda screwed up with the time frame a little) and the second one is after Captain Aizen and his goons betray them and take off. Ichigo's been introed and Grimmjow is apparently helping out the shinigami. (I had him switch sides as a favor to a friend... though some of the fans may kill me...) OMG I think i smell a Res/Grim pairing forming in my head suddenly...
Nah... I don't think that will work at all... they just don't fit... DAMNIT! I was so close too... I also thought about doing a short series or long one shot between one of the minor OC charrys and Hanataru, they just seem like such a cute pair, the two background charrys... KaWaIi =^-^=  but anyways, Reseda may end up paired with Ukitaki, or possibly Byakuya or Renji. But there is still going to be a lot of Koneko/Kenpachi going on. Once we introduce Reseda, we'll be switching off between the two at some points.

Okay... now what to talk about.... this is a very poorly written blog entry compared to some of my other writings... It's all scatterbrained... kinda like me I guess.
BTW the whole reason I'm writing this on the net, is because the fics i've mentioned... are starting to grow you read on not very much, but they are growing as I type up the stories.

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