Friday, April 16, 2010

Contentment and Contempt

Today started out quite well actually, I was in an airy mood. Everything seemed bright and had a static feeling to it. The kind of static where you feel as if something is going to happen but it never does. I often take to day dreaming or deep thinking on these days. On the bus ride home I sat in the front as usual. I was day dreaming with my music blasting while looking out the window. Looking out it i realized that I wasn't actually looking out the window, I was seeing the reflection of the other side of the buss. It was like a mirror that was reflecting the image coming in from the side view of the front windshield. The way it was placed I had thought for several moments that it was actually what was on the other side of the glass. Marveled as I was I took to the 'what if's. You are supposed to be able to see through glass windows, not see what’s at another angle in the opposite direction. The girl in the seat across from me told me later that I was staring at it, much like a cat would stare off into space or just stare through something as if it's not really there. I was rather enjoying myself at the time i suppose. I had a pleasant day, I was feeling sleepy and I was day-dreaming ideas for my book and a fan-fiction I'm working on. So I was in a very peaceful mood.

That is, until a little white car came screeching through my vision, though the mirrored window I had been looking through. Not literally through the window, but the little vision I had been looking at was twisted sickly now with the car where there had been a little girl reflected from the other side. From there on things got a little scary. I wasn't sure I was seeing things right at first and thought for a moment I was watching TV as a man tore out of his car and lurched at the buss with the intent to kill. He was howling mad obscenities and threatening to kill the substitute driver. He was going to beat his ass, he was going to take his job, he was going to put him in jail, he was going to beat the shit out of him. I was in the front seat. He was pounding on the door right in front of me. I thought he had a gun the way he was waving his hands around.

There had been some petty-drama on the bus less than ten minuets before with a young middle schooled kid. The kid was always in trouble, he was a snot nosed little shit who never listened and loved to show his ass. He never seemed to get in trouble with his parents, made horrible grades, and didn't give a royal shit about anyone other than himself and what he wanted it seemed. He's always been a handful. Today he decided to show his ass when getting off the bus. We waited a good two minuets as he strolled talking with his friends down the aisle to get off. He stopped and started talking with another, ignoring the bus driver telling him to get off. When the boy said he didn't have to listen to him. The bus driver closed the door and was about to just go to the next stop. Prepared to take the boy back to the school if he had too. Little boy blue blew his horn and was pissed that someone was going to stand up to him. The bus driver we had has always been the best we've ever had. We request him by name if we know our bus driver isn't going to be on. He's that good, fun loving and the best guy ever. And this ass out the window wanted to kill him because his son went home and told him a load of crap.

He was screaming that he saw him close his boys head in the door, he saw him threaten him out the window. HIS ASS WASN'T EVEN HOME. I was pissed, personally. First his son starts drama and then lies to his 'father' about it, then his father wrecked my happy day dreaming with a load of bullshit. Ya know what we did? We called the cops. There were only about seven of us left on the bus, so the driver started driving again. The ass with the little white car and his wife and his so called son followed us. Climbing right up our butts. They were less than three feet behind the bus almost the whole time we drove. The bus driver couldn't go on any further. We parked and waited for the police because He knew if we continued the car was going to ram us in the back. By that time there were only four of us left and while I wasn't all that excited about the whole matter the others were a bit younger and it was all an adventure to them. Aside from one that thought the whole thing was a big waste of time and kept texting. We all agreed to be his witnesses and I told him since I was in the front seat I'd be more than willing to tell anyone what really happened. Not that he needed me, all he has to do is pull the tape on the bus. I was still fuming, though my friend who sat across from me said I looked bored... I'm spacey looking with all emotions I guess, but I was peeling through what I learned from law books when I had the crazy Idea I wanted to be a lawyer. I could think of a dozen things the man could be charged with. One was his driving. You are supposed to stay a certain distance from the backside of the bus. Any vehicle really. You also can't speed and screech out in front of a bus to make your point and stop it. You can't threaten to beat someone up, you sure as hell can't threaten to kill someone. Oh and you can't do drugs, you can't beat your wife, you can't threaten the safety of the children on the bus. I know illegal drugs when I smell them, and my window was open unfortunately the reason I heard everything he said and his wife just had that look that she was used to being beaten. Not to mention the black eye that was healing pretty nastily. The little background Knowledge I had on the family to begin with wasn't all that pretty either. None of the stupid little boys brothers and sisters had the same fathers, so the isn't the only bad guy, though at the moment I felt like being immature and held my forefinger and thumb up about two or three inches from my eye and was squishing his head between my fingers because he was getting on my nerves with the yelling again.

The man threatening to do all of this didn't really think we were going to call the cops, funny cause he said he was going to, and he told us to get the drivers boss on the line and the sheriff. When the police came into view the car almost backed into another vehicle and sped off with screeching tires before the police could see them. We sat in the bus for a good while waiting for the police officer and the bus driver to talk when it came time we filled in our parts of the story. I got home nearly an hour later than I normally would on a day when everyone road the bus. Being Friday, our bus doesn’t usually have that many people on it and we get home early. Today we should have been home by around 3:40. I didn't get home until 5:36. I checked.

What I find funny is the man most likely won't be charged with anything despite his behavior. The bus driver is way too nice, so if he isn't going to press charges. Mom is. Simple as that. Mom wasn't too happy, her baby was in danger because of that mans actions. She winked at me and I rolled my eyes. I knew she wasn't being serious, but being my mom, she does know how to pull me out of a bad mood. So since then I've been feeling light headed and day dreamy again as if nothing happened. Unless I think about that bastard who threatened my favorite bus drivers life and endangered our own. So I'm going to stop writing now and listen to my parents argument. O-o

This one sounds interesting... at least they aren't trying to kill Armadillos this time...


  1. Wow that sounds like a crazy day, but at least no one got hurt.

  2. ^__^ yup no one got hurt, yet.


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