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Random Ranting of an Otakuized S5

I'm currently the S5 of the local JROTC battalion. JROTC is Junior Reserve Officer Traning Corps. The positions S5 means I am a Captain and the 5th memeber of the Staff.  The five staff seats are all equal with equal responsibilities. I just happen to be number 5 this year. Last year I was secretly the S1. I was orriginally the S1 assistant, but she bailed on us and I took her place without the extra ranking which made things awkward between me and a few of the other Cadets. I had wanted the S5 position last year, simply because I love the S5's job. In charge of fund-raising, Public affairs, Bulliten board, Newspaper and the Military ball was it. As the S1 I was the pencil pusher. Always seen clipboard in hand and in charge of administrative paperwork and making sure everyone turned in the right paperwork and then filed and corrected it all. I didn't hate the job, but still had the S5 position in mind. Another Cadet had the position, I got along with her okay I guess, we weren't best friends or anything but we sometimes talked. The end of the year advanced towards us and so did our Military ball. She mobilized the staff to put togeather an nice Mardigra style ball for the cadets. Still wistful for the job I guess I was, but at the same time I didn't mind. I just didn't expect her to die. Two days before the Military ball she had worked on so hard for and she was so excited about it, she would never go to. I was one of the first people to learn about it, we had been behind her mother in the store when she had recived the call. It was numbing, I had thought it was a joke at first and wanted to kill whoever was on the other end for upsetting the woman as we watched her flee the store.
I had heard before that the S5 position was cursed, which was why it was labled optional in all the books, but I knew better than that. My whole school is cursed. Every year someone has died, we aren't a big school so it's a little disturbing, but whats really scary to me and my friends is that we've noticed that the deaths of people are getting closer and closer to our little group. Our school burned down about 28 or so years ago. And our track and football feild is built ontop of an old cemetary. How do I know? I'm part of the Archeaology team at our school and I'm in charge of Public Affairs and Photography. I do a lot of the reasearch to back up our findings so I can put it in the county newspaper and we came across some papers and maps. Placing them togeather we noticed land that was now part of the school property was once the cemetary. Other proof is we got in a heap of trouble for taking the Ground Penetrating Radar out onto the field. We wouldn't have gotten in trouble if we hadn't found what appeared to be long rectangular-shaped blips on the radar evenly spaced. It was apparently cept all hush hush. Our whole county is a big mess, so I'm actually wondering if it's not just our school. After all last week there were remains of a body found in a an old creek ditch not far from one of the churches... Our Captain Ds's is built on an old indian burial ground. I found the documents of that too... They found several skeletons when they were digging for the septic and the well. They removed the few that were in the way and just kept building. The plot of land our team is working on also shows some rather creepy signs of possibly being a part of the Temple Families grave plot... The land is right next to the football feild and track where the old cemetary was...
On top of that the local Santafe Community college building is the old Courthouse. I dug up some bad stuff there too. Like the hangings that used to be done in the tree I used to lean against and read after classes... (i'm dual enrolled in both highschool and college) I actually found a picture of a hanging in the tree and was rather creeped out. It's no wonder this county is on the bottom of the list in Florida. Nothing is getting better, it's all going downhill. Several abandonded buildings lay wasting. The older buildings look so sad. They had once been beautiful, now most of them are starting to be neglected. I saw my great grandparents house the otherday. They no longer live there, but it is the oldest house still standing in the area, it used to be an old plantation house. The Temple Families neighbors I beleive. pretty much the whole county used to be a Turpintine plantation, then walnut plantation. You can tell because so many of the trees are still standing, even in town. If you know how to look, you can still see that they are in rows, not just randomly placed according to yards.
Back to the S5 position, i got sidetrackted. The girl had died, we postponed the Military ball then we held it a few weeks after her funeral which we all went too. I couldn't bear to watch her actually being lowered into the ground, she had been so full of life, she was one of those loud, go get it done types. Always bubbly and willing to do anything if she wanted something done.
When we came back too school from the break, I was switched over from being the S1 to her old position. I wasn't sure if I liked it. and I'm pretty damn sure the others didn't really like it. I know they compare me to her. She was much more liked than I am, she was in their friends group. Me? I'm just some Otaku who wanted the job. well, now I have it. I waited four years to get the position, and suddenly now that I had it, it wasn't so grand. I suppose it would have been better if I had recived it under better circumstances. Once I had gotten used to the position and everything was going smoothly, we pulled through our big four year inspection perfectly, earning a Gold star for the Battalion. Once that was over, no one really bothered with me. Everyone went on lazy mode now that the big event was over and compleatly forgot about the Military ball i was trying to pull togeather. Then my great grandpa died and i had to leave for two weeks and go to west virginia. Apparently when I was gone they decided they were going to go ahead and plan the military ball. Someone had told them i was on vacation. My grandpa was dead and they thought i was on fucking vacation. And on top of that they had pushed me out of my job pretty much, giving it to the previous S5's best friend and her friend group pretty much to do the job I had waited four year to do. I wasn't very happy and burned the notebook I had wrote all my plans for it in. I had planned to do an old style masqurade ball. Similar to the one seen in the Phantom of the Opera movie. We had even talked about it with the previous S5 the year before and decided then that we didn't have enough time to pull something that big off. They had liked the Idea then, but now that she was gone. Nope, no way someone who wasn't part of their 'group' was going to do the Military Ball. I wasn't happy with it. Ohhh no. but like I already said there was nothing I could do and just stayed out of their way, helping when I could. My friends weren't too happy with it either... I love those guys, I really do lol. They threw a bigger fuss than I did when they found out about it all. I'm not one to go over peoples heads to surperiors. I avoid conflict when I can, while i am a stubborn person I'm not a headstrong person who will fight if every little thing dosn't go my way. I prefer to run things quietly in the background where no one can see me. I guess I just wasn't cut out for the S5 position in their eyes, I don't know. I don't care now. It's done and over with. I do know however, I will not stand down with the upcoming Senior events we will be dealing with. I think I shocked them when I re-vamped the Bulliten board with the military ball pictures. Hopefully it reminded them who was supposed to be in charge of it in the first place. After all, I am the sneaky artistic one of the bunch. The board looks better now than it ever has in our Battalion history.  Another problem I'm facing is my assistant. She apparently thinks she can just take over my job. I don't think shes realised I don't need her... Assistants are only in case the actual staff memeber breaks a leg or quits. They are supposed to only help with what their officer asks for in help, yet lately she's been going over her head acting as if our roles were switched. We're not a team, I love the girl to death, she's one of my good friends. But staff and assistants are not staff and other half of staff. Assistants deliver papers to other staff memebers. They don't take over the other persons job. That is one thing I am pissed about. This is my last damn year, the only year I have left to do the job i've been waiting for four years to get, and everydamn body want's to take it over. She has two more years of school left, she can wait her damn  turn and get back in line, i don't care if she is my friend. I've probably been too nice and let her walk over me for too long, but oh buddy things are so about to change.
Speaking of the pictures... it remimded me of the award i recived at the military ball. -___- I was miffed a bit though it was kinda funny. Somehow I had recived an award and medal I already had. That's not supposed to happen. Shows how much they love me, gave me the same medal twice... you should have seen the Lt. Colonals face when he looked at my uniform the following week when I asked what I was to do with the twin medal. a cadet the same medal twice XD probably didn't even look through the papers...

Anywhooo... that's the end of this patheticly versed rant...

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  1. *facepalms* I must have been feeling emo or something... I love those people I was writing about... geh. I don't break promisis however, and I already made myself promis I wouldn't change what I've written in a post unless it's a spelling or gramar mistake... which I should really start running these through my spell checker now that I read back... *sweatdrop*


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