Sunday, April 11, 2010

One Fandom Leading to another

I don't know why I'm going to call this post what I'm calling it. But I am.  I figgured I'd spend 4am on a Sunday talking about something many otaku girls in particularly seem to have in common but don't talk about deeply. Anime Male Crushes. Or Obsesions. Or loves. A lot of girls like the character because he's hot I guess. Maybey his hotness and his personality ting to their tastes. Compared to animated males, real boys often don't have a chance.
   Like I said a moment ago, girls often like the guy character according to his appearence. Here's the thing with me. Up untill about a year ago, I was exactly like that. Falling for all the good looking normal guys that girls fell for. Suddenly something seemed to just crack apparently. My friend re-fired my Bleach fandom. Me? I liked Pencil and Kisuke. I call Pencil Pencil cause half the time I can't spell his damned name right. Another reason is because as soon as Yachiru called him that, his ass was stuck with it. I Love Yachiru. Not like that, but I love the girl. But what I'm really trying to get to the point about is her damn Captain. I think when I first saw him I was shocked. He was so... weird and strongly different from the other characters. I found myself unwillingly LIKING him. So, yeah. I'm an 18 year old Otaku girl... and I like Kenpachi freaking Zaraki. Love the hell outta him. I'd rape him if I could, not really but you get the point? Mentally and Physically I became attracted to him. It was rather disturbing cause...well... I mean... just look at him! I thought I needed to go to the doctor. I fought my obbsesion with him for a while, but I gave up because I like liking him. Even if he isn't real. Someone told me I was a bit messed up in the head. I like the bloodthirsty guys. I like Alucard from Hellsing. (who dosn't, he is the smex) and I like Captain hans(fan-named) too... I like grimmjow, and I liked Seto Kiba when I was into Yu-gi-oh...


Okay, those aren't very odd obsesionable characters...  but Kenpachi? My friends Freaked.
It's like everytime we have an Anime club meeting at the library I would magically appear when someone said 11th division, yachiru, Kenpachi or even fight. It was like ~DING~ Kenpachi? *happy look* *friends back away slowly* you practially heard the ding in my head when one of the key words was said. ~DING~ we know where Grannys going...
I Don't know exactly when I started liking him, but I know what I was thinking, and those thoughts were not sparkly sqeaky clean or PG17 either. *grins* I am One sick minded Otaku gal I can tell you that much.
His strong build, his don't give a damn attitude, scars, that silly ass hair-do he's got, his pure Masculin nature, so damn hot. On the other side, the adorable side, was Yachiru. She's practically his daughter, and is a striking contrast to him. Expecially when she's standing next to him or riding on his back. IT"S SO FUCKING ADORABLE. I just wanna wrap them both up in a hug and squish them with my happyness. Then send Yachiru to a babysitter or something and dissapear with Kenpachi. *CoughCough*

So there's not much to say other than I EFEN LOVE KENPACHI ZARAKI.
he's such a badass. <3

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