Sunday, April 11, 2010

Avoiding people

I'm on Gaiaonline alot. I've been a member for over... whats it been... 6 years now? maybe more? Nah... I think six is about right... I first joined it when I was in West Virginia I think. I joined under a different account than I have now. My current accound is 4-5 years old. But on there I find it funny. I get on there a lot, and I'm rarely on Myspace, facebook, or anyother social networking system. I get on Gaia to hang out with people, and avoid people at the same time. When you get on Myspace, it seems suddenly everyone of your friends knows you are on even if you are hidden. I'm probably the only person at my school who dosn't like cell phones much. They are a nuisence unless I need them for an emergancy. I'm not an incredibly sociable person. I talk to people when I want to talk to them, then I leave them alone. When I get on Myspace, EVERYONE WANTS TO TALK. Constantly. It's so fucking anoying. Expecially if your in a Roleplay with someone and everytime you get on they want you to update the RP cause you don't get on myspace every fucking second of you time on the internet. So yes, it's official, it's been official. I hate myspace. Yet I can't do much of anything without it. My Jrotc staff peeps only talk to me, on There. All of my friends are constantly on it or on the phone. It annoying. So i hide in Gaia, there are other people like me there. You don't have to have 20 people talking to you at once when you are in a role play, you can answer your mail in peace, there is so much more too do there for me. I don't like a lot of the Myspace Apps simply because they are degrading. They are stupid, you learn nothing from them anymore. You don't really get to use your immagination much or create your own plots. you point and click. shoot the next zombie, drain the next victem, mug the next poor bastard. most of it's all violent shit. Way to go america, Way to go. Take away their books and give them games with guns in them. Lovely future you're making for us eh? absofuckinglutly lovely. You know something else? Cussing has increased a bit. I cuss, no lie, rather vivedly at times too. Most people are shocked when they hear such violent things coming out of me, after all I'm the perfect little goody two shoes who has a cute weird side to her. HA. I'm a cynical bitch most of the time in my mind, people just don't know it yet. Someone falls down the stairs and breaks their neck I run over to help. the real me in the back of my mind is laughing it's ass of at their pain and saying they deserved it for some reason or other.
Another screwed up thing about me is I fall in and out of love in a drop of a hat. It's actually quiet sad, expeicially for the poor guys I've dated. I can't really help it. I really do love them, I do, but then all of a sudden the feeling is just... gone. It's not fair to the guy at all and makes me sad cause I know I cared for them, and still do, just no longer loved them like that. So I avoid it.
I don't really like people. People are a bunch of ignorant stupid idiots with lables all over them and everyone else that say, "Hello, my name is STUPID IDIOT." and they expect you to take them seriously when they don't even have common scense. Human beings are pretty stupid. If a horse or dog heard something crashing down towards them in a forest, they run. The human?  they look up to see what's coming at them and get killed by the fallen tree cause they didn't run. Also, if there's a fight, instead of avoiding it to be safe, it's like they wanna get hit, they all rush to the fight wanting to see people pound eachothers brains out like wild animals. Humans are dumb. People are assholes, and idiots. yet you gotta love them and hate them.
Me? I do both. I can love someone and hate their guts at the same time, it's the kinda person I am, I don't usually tell people that I love them and Hate them at the same time, cause usually they are the ones closest to me.
Gaia is full of people, again people i love and hate, but it's so much easier to deal with them there. Easier to do a lot of things with them than it is on other social sights.

By the way...I'm Hioni-Neko on Gaiaonline. if ya ever wanna know.


  1. Hi there! I was browsing profiles on blogger and couldn't help but notice that you freely admit to a crush on Kenpachi ^^

    No, no. I am not here to make fun or anything like that. I am wondering if I could trouble you for feedback on this:

    It is a work in progress, I just have to figure out what work needs to be done!

    And I do not mean to speak out of place since we do not know each other well, but I also couldn't help but read this blog post. High school (at least I am assuming you are in high school) sucks. I have been there and done that and can tell you from experience that once you are out of that place things get so much better.

    While you describe yourself as cynical I think you are really just aware of the situation that you are currently in, and that should never be thought of as a negative trait. It speaks to your intelligence.

    Ja ne~


  2. ^__^ I'll be there in a moment!


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