Sunday, April 4, 2010


So this is my first blog. Big deal? No. I write, and I write a lot. Usually it's just in notebooks that end up all over the school. In my high school I'm rather well known as Granny. It's a silly nickname my friends gave me in 9th grade and it stuck. This is my senior year in school, after this it's off to art or media college. I really want to work in 2D Computer Animation, if I can't then at least as a Character Designer. Granny is my name, Drawing is my game. I'm not the best in the world but it is my passion. My other passion is singing and speaking in weird voices.

The reason I'm well known at my school isn't really because of my reading and writing scores. I'm one of the few people that's ever scored perfect on writing in the states tests, but the real reason I'm well known is that I'm famous for wearing a Tail. Yes a Tail. A fluffy fox tail to be exact and it swings just to the back of my knees. This year I have become our schools Senior Superlative as Most Individual. I wanted most artistic but I guess the Tail distracted them from the real me.

You may notice my blog is titled "The Blog of an Otaku." What is an otaku? Well... We call it a super anime fan I guess you can say. During our recent Vampire boom in America where everyone was drooling over... what's his name... Edward? I think it was Edward Cullen. I was still drooling over Hellsings Alucard and Trinity Bloods Father Able Nightroad. Those were my vampires. Of course I've also got a comeback for the Werewolves too. Captain Hans (as fans have dubbed him) from Hellsing on the 'bad guys' side.

So yeah, I'm a little odd for my school. They've never had a pure otaku like me before so I was a little bit of a shock to them. They got used to me wearing Cosplay items to school and trying to talk in other languages. They got used to me saying weird things in weird voices, suddenly I had requests every time I turned around to do the woody woodpecker laugh and smiler laughs which drove me nuts cause they wouldn't leave me alone. I learned my lesson not to do it so much. I still love making people laugh. Even if their laughing at me, the jokes on them. My goal when I wear a tail to school, or my pink wig, or other cosplay items is to make people look twice at normality. All the peti drama surrounding school live and all the stupid issues that pop up that make high school students want to rip out their hair and SCREAM are interrupted by a tail in the corner of their eye. They usually go. "WTF, is that a Tail?" or "what the hell she got on her ass?" and their dramatic issues are forgotten temporary. Usually afterward the whole horrible issue they were thinking about doesn't seem so big and bad afterwards and they stay in a good mood for a good part of the day. I make it my Job to weird people out and make them laugh. Weirding out includes doing things they would never do. Like win a Teens Food Fear Factor. Oh yes, I won one. Thank the gods their were no bugs to eat...or I would have probably fainted on the spot.

There's not really much more to write here...

I suppose i started this blog... just to start one... and because i was sick of killing trees.

Expect many random blogs, and different kinds too. One may be like a journal entry, one could be about something I researched. Maybe even a bit of poetry I've written, or something on my religious views.

So yeah... I'm Otaku...

The name is Katie by the way... Katie Oden. But you can call me Granny.


  1. you sound like a very interesting person i wish there was someone like you at my school. My school is so conformist.

  2. Lol, my schools full of red-necks so I doubt it's any better.
    Thanks though! ^__^


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