Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It's not a easy as they think it is..

Finding the right college is NOT easy. Never listen to those damned people who write in those College magazines and crap, listen to me. You have to have money. That is one thing many people do not have these days with this economy. I have a 100$ gift card to my name right now and that was my Christmas gift. People tell me, 'Oh, just save up and you'll be fine.' save what? perhaps they didn't knotice that despite saving every little dollar I could get my hands on only tottaled out to 120$ and most of it is that Christmas giftcard. Where I live, there are no jobs. Where I live, I have no vehical avalible for me to drive off and find work. Where I live, my parents don't even have jobs because the company they worked at went out of buisness. Where I live, is not the best place to be when you are planning for your future. But you know what? That dosn't exactly stop me now does it? I've probably annoyed the living Hell outta some admisions people at colleges through the last few months looking for good deals and special scholarships. Hell I've even made friends with some of the people because i've called them up for information so many dang times. It pays off to be persistant. I was on one of those such calls just here recently with an Admissions Representitive from Digital Media Arts College (DMAC). It couldn't have been a few days ago really, We've talked before and I'm just one of those people who you can talk to and forget you're working because I make it entertaining without distracting. At some point he asked me if I was excited about Graduating soon and then asked if I was excited that my prom was comming up. Apparently my reply was the right one because he ended up laughing so hard other people in his office area or where-ever he was wanted to know what was so funny. The next day I get an Email from him saying he may be able to get me into a compitition for a Full ride scholarship to the school. When I looked at the form I noticed what he wanted me to fill out was over due by three weeks. He told me that they would be reveiwing the arts to see who would be getting into the next phase of the Contest and he knew i hadn't been informed of it yet so he was going to get me into the reveiw to see if I qualified.  Guess what. He called me today and told me the good news. I was one of the 40 people chosen to go to the next round. In two weeks I am to ride the 6 hours to participate in the next round in which 5 finallist will be chosen and one of those will have earned the Full Scholarship.
That sounded pretty easy didn't it? Get in good with the Admisions and you get good deals. Well guess what, that part wasn't very easy, and that was the easiest part. Now I have to figgure out what I'm going to do. If I don't get the scholarship, there's no way in hell I can afford to go to that college with both parents outta work and no money to my name. Two other schools I am seriously looking at are Full sail University in Orlando and Rasmussen in Ocala. My dream school is Full Sail University, straight up. I've been wanting to go to that school since I first learned of it and went to their web page. The school just screamed at me. "PICK ME!!" and me of course wanted to just eat the dang computer I loved it so much. the people there already know me by name now...... obvious reasons....
Full Sail University is very expencive however... not as Expencive as DMAC or many of the other schools I've looked at. I love the way it's all set up fast paced, I'm a fast learner. I hate highschool classes because once i've learned it, it's another week before the teacher stops teaching that same thing and i've forgotten what she or he was orriginally trying to teach. You have to give it to me fast or it dosn't register, however not too fast because I'm not exactly a cyborg or super computer, close! But not exactly. Haha..
With Rasmussen, I've only just started looking at that school here recently, there is still a lot i don't know about it. And the gods strike you down if you make it easy for the people to find tuition and fees data for you to compare with other schools. I like their program overview... but all the information on costs is bloody damned impossible to find on their site! I wanted to strangle it! GEH!

On top of comparing schools and trying to get good scholarships my parents are putting on a lot of preasure, they don't realise that the jar holding my brains is cracking enough without them hammering on it demanding to know why i'm not perfect or enrolled in a college before i'm supposed to be and why all the worlds most important people aren't giving me money to go to college. GAAAAAAAGH!! I'm just a teenage girl!!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!! Q__Q PLEASE!! people aren't just going to hand me money to go to college just because i'm an above average writer or I can draw, I'm a nobody! I haven't had the time or opportunities to make myself a somebody yet that's big enough to attract that attention. The most that's known about me is I'm the kid on the enternet who's called Granny by a crapload of Ninjas! That's pretty much it! *rawr* I've gone insane once before, not much stopping me from going there again... aside from their god-aweful shower curtains I guess. 
Finding a college, getting started with life in this economy, it's not an easy thing to do, I don't think it ever will be unless someone actually does more for the students and younge adults. At this rate we won't have a very smart generation, because this one can't afford to go to school anymore.

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