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I mentioned in my last post that I couldn't find the letters I'd written to my characters for my story? Well, I was poking through my onenote and they kinda just... fell out at me when I clicked on the wrong page trying to re-organize the plot line... Just a few minuets ago~!! I was so happy!! 

Well, here goes~ Hope you enjoy them as much as I did writing them~

Dear Naiomi,
Terribly sorry dear, as it turns out, the plots been switched and your Maid has become the Main Character instead. You've also been moved from London to an entirely new world than what I'd originally planed for you and you lost your last name to the Gardener so I have to find you another one. Your butler is still the Demon Shaed and he's still under contract with you. So the fact that you're going to loose your soul to him hasn't changed, but it's not as bad as it seems, trust me. The laws within this new world are very different than in ours. Your manor still echos when you walk into it because your family is still mostly dead. Noticed I said Mostly hun. That means Someone is back, but I'm not telling you who yet. Not all is lost however, you are no longer the dog of the Royal family and you now plan parties for people and run your family business. There is also a chapter where a half a dozen men will be fighting after you and you will get your revenge on your Maid for taking your place by throwing her into the mess. Shaed will have to run in and save her in the end of that one, but at least you get to watch and laugh evilly as I know you will want to. I do want you to step up your act more now, since you are no longer the Heroin of the story Ineed you to be the Threshold guardian for Reseda in this story. No, your not the bad guy, but you are going to be her first real challenge before all hell breaks loose. You will eventually come to accept her though. I promise I won't kill you at the end of this one though. I know you were supposed to die in the original plot...
You pretty much got screwed over this time around...
With love~

Dear Reseda,
Congratulations! You've been upgraded. I've given you a name instead of you being a nameless servant in Naiomi's house hold!! Feel free to fall in love with Shaed anytime dear, anything to make my job easier. As soon as you realize it though, all hopes are going to be flushed down the drain. Try not to loose heart ,love, things are not as they seem, and you really suck at walking in at the wrong part of the conversations throughout the entire story. You've become the Main protagonist in this tale! Unfortunately, everyone else seems to be the Antagonist in your eyes. What happen to your carefree nature you started out with? Oh, that's right, Naiomi. Opps, sorry but that needed to be done for character growth. You two will eventually grow on each other. Oi! I swear I'll come though the screen and strangle your neck if you fall in love with the gardener instead! Then the whole plot's ruined! Keep your eyes on the odd yet kind butler with creepy eyes. He's more than he appears and so much more worth it. Just trust me hun. Good luck and watch out for the Male Nobles!!
With love~

Buddy, best of palls. You've gotten only a slight upgrade hun, though we have got to find you a different name. I wanted to name you Sebastian, but apparently there's another Demon butler named Sebastian. He looks cuter than you too... but then again he's an anime character. They all look cuter than realistic people nowadays. Anyhow, you've gone from falling in love with a Noble woman who had put you in contract with her to falling in love with her Maid servant. You decide if this is an Upgrade or downgrade yourself buddy. I don't want either of them to claw my eyes out. You have however been taken out of your normal Demon settings. Demons in this world are more like the Faerie in other books at least in some actions. You've all gone into hiding like they did anyway. Your kind used to live amongst the Humans but then there was this war between your grandfather and another king of Demonkind like a couple thousand years ago... oh.. yeah, I forgot to mention. Your major upgrade is that you're the unofficial king of Demons now.
Oh, don't kill Reseda. I know she's a noob in the beginning and will get on your nerves at times, just remember you chose her in the first place to take the place of the girl that got caught in the crossfire in the beginning of the story. She's red-headed for a reason, remember that as well. She's gonna get put through a lot because of it too, and it's all going to be your fault. So yes, feel bad for her. I feel bad for you. She's going to fall in love with you, and you're going to like it. Put up a good fight with yourself, please do! It adds to the drama when an Immortal king cant decide if he should let himself love a mortal or not.
Also, since you are already under contract with Naiomi, when Reseda asks you for help, remember that ones soul is not the only thing you can take from a maiden as payment. -Hint-Hint- Go get 'em tiger.
Overall, your not stuck in such a dark plot this go-around. Originally you were going to be in a huge tragedy.
Now... one last request... Please help me with the ending!!!!!!! I haven't a clue how to end it yet, except that I promised Naiomi she wasn't going to be killed off in this Novel. Unless you can think of a way to kill her without getting rid of her that is.
Anyways, I have to try not to fall in love with my own character here, sheesh!
With love~

Dear Mr. Duglas
Congratulations, you're no longer a nameless old man character. You're now the Gardener who Likes Reseda, among other girls. You are also no longer a fat old man, you're pretty darn good looking if I do say so myself. Though Velarose likes you too. Eek. gotta take the bad with the good~ Not everyone in this story can be great looking you know. Besides, you like Reseda, she's considered a freak to the rest of the people! You strange, strange little character. You my friend, are mainly Comedy relief. And yes, you finally get to pimp-slap someone, and a snot nosed Noble at that! That would be one of your brighter moments in the story where you finally don't look like an flirting idiot and you get to play the hero for a chapter.
With Regards~

There, now I can only hope Naiomi doesn't kill me in my sleep... I totally revised the plot around for these characters for this Novel.

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